Kaitlyn Colhouer - Pittsburgh Artist

Kaitlyn Colhouer is a Digital Designer & Graphic Artist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kaitlyn graduated from Point Park University Magna Cum Laude in 2015 with a BA in Animation, and went on to pursue her strengths in digital design and illustration.


She has worked as an Art Director, a Multimedia Manager, and a Lead Graphics Designer, creating designs for web layouts, print materials, branding design, social media & email marketing, animated adverts & music videos, and editorial illustrations.

Currently, works remotely as a Senior Graphic Designer with Voco Design and Marketing in San Francisco and is developing a branch located in Pittsburgh (Voco East).

She also is the Founder of Stormdogs Studios, a 2D game design company in Pittsburgh, where she oversees the Creative Direction and Lead Animation.

When she isn't working, she's stomping around in the woods somewhere, cooking too much, or trying to pet neighborhood cats (with varying amounts of success).

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